Join the most expansive IoT ecosystem 

The accelerator program doesn’t involve in any equity. We also don’t take any IP. But we could help you in the IP process.
The fee for accelerator program is very nominal. The incubatee will have to pay INR 4000 plus applicable taxes per workstation per month.
IoT Incubation Program

As a part of our iot startups incubation program get uninterrupted access to advanced equipment at our lab, make direct connects with our strategic partners and get validated by the experts in the industry.

CoE IoT Startups Connect Program

Stay connected with CoE IoT startups connect program. Stay informed about events, programs, hackathons and other initiatives. As  a part of the program you also get to access our lab on scheduled basis on a minimal charge.

IoT Startups Growth Track Program

We engage with IoT startups in India, which have a proven market traction and are well established. Startups which are looking to grow rapidly by making connections within the industry and take their product to a global scale.

Why join CoE IoT ?

Connect with investors
We are connected with prominent venture capitalists and angel investors in the country who are part of our various programs.
grow through rapid prototyping
With our lab access, tie-ups with industry accelerator programs, and engagements with technical experts take your product from prototype to build
Mentor Support
top-notch industry experts
Engage with experts on technical side as well as business side. Learn the dynamics of the market and understand the current trend in the industry
Enterprise Connect
build strong connections
Meet senior executives of major industry players and leverage their knowledge and experience to take your product to the market
Govt. recognized Incubator
access to many schemes
Since our center is majorly funded by the government, our startups get the enormous benefits provided by the government through Startup India and other programs
Lab access
build finished products
Possibilities are tremendous with access to our state-of-art lab. Build end-to-end finished products and get help to be certified from various institutions.

Check out our Innovate Lab.

From Build to Scale

Use the cutting-edge technologies to build your prototype and quickly upgrade it to a market-ready product. Build you product 5x time faster using the best equipment in the industry.

Connect with Manufacturers

Meet the right people in the industry as soon as you start your product development. We help you forge long lasting relationships with vendors and manufacturers.

Showcase Your Product

Our lab is visited by global industry leaders and delegates from all over the world. With our lab, you get to showcase your product to the right audience.

Development Kits

Tinker with development kits from TI, BOSCH, Intel, Qualcomm and Cisco to develop your prototype. These kits are cross-domain, have top-notch sensors, and lots more

MSOX3054A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The MSOX3054A offers superior performance and optional capabilities that are not available in any other oscilloscope in its class.

Big Data and Analytics

IOT and Big Data are intricately intertwined in this Digital universe.While IOT revolves around devices,data and connectivity.Big Data can harness actionable insights from those large chunks of data.At CoE-IoT, we cater to start-ups with technical aid in building a secure and robust Big Data infrastructure


IOT and Big Data are intricately intertwined in this Digital universe.While IOT revolves around devices,data and connectivity.Big Data can harness actionable insights from those large chunks of data.At CoE-IoT, we cater to start-ups with technical aid in building a secure and robust Big Data infrastructure.

Improve your efficiency

Development 90%
Design 80%
Prototype 70%
N6705B DC Power Analyzer

The N6705B DC Power Analyzer provides unrivaled productivity gains for sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into the DUT by integrating up to 4 advanced power supplies with DMM, Scope, Arb, and Data Logger features.

PWS4305 Programmable DC Power Supply

The PWS4305 single-channel programmable DC Power Supply provides a wide range voltage output to address the testing and characterization of components, circuits, modules, and complete devices, whether you are in a research laboratory, in design and development, or in production test.

Keysight 33500B Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Keysight’s 33500B Series of Waveform Generators with exclusive Trueform Technology blends the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures, giving you the benefits of both without the limitations of either.

List of Lab Equipments

SL NoItem Model NoDescription
500 MHz Oscilloscope
1MSOX3054AOscilloscope, mixed signal, 4+16-channel, 500 MHz , 3 Years Warranty
2MSOX3000-805Module - LAN/VGA
3MSOX3000-BDLSW application bundle license for 3000 X-Series, factory installed fixed perpetual license
4MDO4054C w/MSO, AFG, SA and BND optionsMixed Domain Oscilloscope; (4) 500MHz analog channels: 10M record length: 500MHz spectrum analyzer; (16) Digital channels; (1) Arbitrary function generator; Increase spectrum analyzer input frequency to 3GHz
Benchtop DMM
534465ADigital multimeter, 6 1/2 digit, 34410A/34411A replacement, Truevolt DMM , 3 Years Warranty
6DMM7510 7.5 Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
Power Supply
7E3631ADC power supply. Triple output: 0- +25V, 0-1A; 0- -25V, 0-1A; 0- 6V, 0-5A 80W.
8PWS4305DC Power supply 30V, 5A
Waveform Generator
1033522B33500B Series Waveform generator, 30 MHz, 2-channel with arb , 3 Year Warranty
11AFG3022C Arb Waveform generator, 25 MHz, 2-channel with arb
Logic Analyzer
1216852ALogic Analyzer, 68 channel, 12.5 GHz timing zoom, 350 MHz state, 2 Mb depth , 3 Year Warranty
13E5382BProbe, 17 channel single-ended flying leads, connects to 90-pin Logic Analyzer cable
14U4201ALogic Analyzer cable for use with individual probes
1516852A-700Increase maximum state speed to 700 MHz, 1.4 GSa/s
Vector Signal Analyzer
16N9010AEXA Signal Analyzer
17N9010A-513-Frequency range, 10 Hz to 13.6 GHz
18N9010AP13Preamplifier, 13.6 GHz
19N9010AEMCBasic EMC functionality license
20N9311X- 100Close field probe set, 30 MHz to 3 GHz
Vector Signal Analysis Software
21N9064A-1FPVector Signal Analysis Application
22N9064A-2FPFlexible Digital Modulation Analysis
Vector Signal Generator
23N5172BEXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator
24N5172B-506Frequency range, 9 kHz to 6 GHz
25N5172B-653ARB baseband generator (60 MHz RF bandwidth, 32 Msa)
26N5172B-403Calibrated AWGN, fixed perpetual license
27N5172B-431Custom digital modulation, fixed perpetual license
Power Meter
28U2042XAUSB Peak and Average Power Sensor 10MHz – 6GHz
29U2032ATrigger cable BNC male to SMB female 50ohm, 1.5meter length
30BV0007ABenchVue Power Meter Pro Software License
DC Power Analyzer
31N6705BDC Power Analyzer Mainframe
32N6705B-05614585A control and analysis software, fixed perpetual license
33N6781ASource/Measure Unit for Batter Drain Analysis
SL-NOPart NumberDescriptionProvided By
1EK-TM4C1294XLEK-Connected Launch PadTI
2MSP-EXP430G2Launch Pad Dev BOARDTI
3CC3100BOOSTSimple Link WI-FI Booster PackTI
4CC2650TKMulti-Stranded Sensor Tag Development KitTI
5CC-DEVPACK-DEBUGSensorTag Debugger PackTI
6MXP-EXP432P401RLaunch Pad Development KitTI
7CC31XXEMUBOOSTSimple Link WI-FI advanced emulation Booster PackTI
8PN:65-Y7281-21(B)Qualcomm Atheros SP 140/144Qualcomm
9PN:65-Y6420-21(B)Qualcomm Atheros SP 140/144Qualcomm
10PN:30-Y6392-21(B)Qualcomm SP141 ModulesQualcomm
11NASnap Dragon development BoardsQualcomm
12Gallileo2.PGalileo Gen 2 dev kitsIntel
13EDI2ARDUN.ALK Edison dev kitIntel
14NAReal sense dev kitIntel
15XDK110Cross-Domain Development KitsBosch
SL-NOPart NumberSerial NumberDescriptionProvided By
1AIR-CAP15321-A-K9F0C172915RMAccess PointCisco
2WLC-2504-K9PS218441B9GWLC with Power AdapterCisco
3AIR-CAP3702E-D-K9FGL1844X5L0Access PointCisco
4AIR-CAP27021-A-K9FTX1840S0B9Access PointCisco
5AIR-CAP27021-A-K9FGL1821X6U8Access PointCisco
6C3KX-NM-1GFD016271N8QCatalyst Network ModuleCisco
7C3KX-NM-1GFD016271NS6Catalyst Network ModuleCisco
8NAAGM19254A2FGLC-T-SFP AdoptersCisco
9NAMTC19020HKZGLC-T-SFP AdoptersCisco
10NAFD01613R15HCatalyst 3750X-24 PORTCisco
11NAFD01423P0FRCatalyst 3750X-48 PORTCisco
12NAFGL162412MPCisco 3945Cisco
13NAF0C16261DAUCS-E-Single Wide CardCisco
14NAFCW19060007FNLASY ModuleCisco
15NAFGL19070027FNLASY ModuleCisco
16NAFCW19130039FNLASY ChasisCisco
20AIR-CAP3702-E-K9FGL1844X5L1Access PointCisco
24AIR-AP1572EAC-D-K9FGL1941Y011Access PointCisco
25NANA2.4GHZ Antenna WhiteCisco
26NANAAntenna GreyCisco
27NANAPower InjectorCisco
29NANAPower CardCisco
30NANAGPS AntennaCisco
31NANAMount KitCisco
Google Cloud PlatformBuild on top of the infrastructure that powers Google.
Microsoft Azure CreditsMicrosoft BizSpark Plus program for NASSCOM 10K Startups
Amazon AWS Creditsa secure cloud services platform, offering compute power database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.
IBM Cloud CreditsBuild, launch and scale your business on IBM Cloud.
Digital OceanDigitalOcean is the world’s 2nd largest cloud hosting platform focused on simplifying cloud
AerospikeFlash-optimized, in-memory, NoSQL database.
OzontelFree DID (business) number for 6 months to each of our start-ups with maximum of 3 extension numbers.
FlexingItFlexing It™ is a curated platform that helps organisations access top-talent on an ‘on-demand’ basis as consultants, advisors & subject-matter experts. Lever up your business by bringing in marketing/branding gurus, strategy consultants, industry advisors, HR and Finance experts for the duration and intensity you need
YodleeYodlee Financial data APIs
ExotelExotel is one India’s largest cloud telephony platforms & was started in 2011.
Razor PayRazorpay aims to simplify the flow of online payments through a clean, easy-to-use & developer-friendly payment gateway.
Citrus PayCitrus brings you the most advanced payment stack for developers and startups. Start accepting payments seamlessly on your website without redirections
Insta mojoInstamojo is the easiest way to sell online and collect payments for your products & services
Profit BooksProfitBooks is an online accounting software designed for non-accountants
HeadSpinHeadSpin™ provides an intrusionfree technology and platform for analyzing and boosting the user experience of mobile apps
MgagemGage India provides web based User Interface, HTTP/XML APIs or SMPP connectivity accounts as per the requirement by each startups to help them integrate the gateway to process SMS and Email.
Canvas FlipCreate awesome user experience on your apps with CanvasFlip - favorite prototyping & usability testing tool in successful startup globally
PayTmGive your startup the Paytm advantage.
Cloud QACloudQA is cloud-based integrated rapid test automation platform designed to significantly reduce time, cost and complexity of web testing process.
FlockFlock is a communication app for teams
AppViralityLaunch Uber/Airbnb kinda in-app referrals, loyalty programs, and other growth techniques to grow your app installs organically.
HasuraHasura is a platform to build and deploy cloud-native apps- fast!
BugseeMobile bug and crash reporting with video
Startup Support - Microsoft Jump Start Hotline AccessMicrosoft’s ‘JumpStart’ is the new toll-free number where specialists will take calls from Indian entrepreneurs, to provide callers with information on the processes of registering a company, preparing taxes, tracking down an accountant and finding a good lawyer.

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