The Future of Smart Farming With IoT

There are so many technologies exist which will help agriculturist in order to attain the better result. We realized that most of the agriculturists are not aware of the opportunities available in the market.

Why IoT, big data & smart farming are the future of agriculture

Diseases and Pest Control
With latest industry standards
We provide physical space for people to work and discuss their ideas.
Timely Irrigation and Soil Health
Built for speed and ease of use
We have lidars, HPCs, robotic arms,etc to support and fastpace your product development
Aerial survey to detect anomalies
Taking Necessary Steps Before its too late
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Packaging and Transporting
From Fields to Market
We provide techincal assistance to members with their product development.
Demand/Supply Intelligence
Grow what is more in demand
As a part of Govt. backed incubation center unlock access to multiple grants and benefits.
Broadcasting an Early Warning
Weather Forecast and Broadcasting for high Yield
Grow your network through attending various engineering summits, conclaves, and international conferences.

Solving IoT Challenges for Smart Agriculture


At Nasscom COE, we have been consolidating the efforts, products and solutions in the Agri-Tech field in India. Building a common platform, under Ministry of MeitY, for the discrete work happening in the country at a very-rapid pace. COE for IoT at Bangalore, has been silently building a cohesive ecosystem to address the fragmented ways of current working in this field, shaping up the cause of AGRI-TECH in the country as a central repository to provide the knowledge-base, tools & techniques, acting as a consortium and common body for the Industry, Govt / Semi-Govt Institutions, Investors / Banks, Start-ups and many entities connected with the Agriculture Technologies across the country.

NASSCOM COE has taken that baby steps and initiatives to connect with the right people involved at this stage to first get the Real Problems on the ground to be solved with real technology deployments. And thus evolve further from there on – one step at a time. Collaborating with the agencies, Govt, Semi-Gov, NGOs, and other institutions.

We have a state of the art IoT Lab and facilities at Bangalore, that shall be leveraged by the startups, enterprises, institution and govt dept for testing and developing the technology solutions. Our 10000 StartUp Warehouse in the same premises provides the necessary infrastructure and eco-system that is needed by the Start-up much advise and physical support, options for funding etc. Our team of mentors helping and hand-holding the startups and enterprises through the different challenges and initiatives.

The next stop is to build the end-to-end solution with open platform and APIs for 100s of conneted systems to work together and share the information collaboratively for the benefit of end user (Farmer) and provide the deciosn making recommendations at his figure tips from a simple to complex issue, as on Demand!

Startups currently incubated

EFFORT (Effortless Field Force Optimizing and Reporting Toolkit) is an innovative and comprehensive field force management solution designed with cutting-edge tools to coordinate and monitor the work force activities across diverse verticals. Is built on multiple platforms to provide technological advancements in field service management and accomplishes improved customer satisfaction, higher ROI and employee productivity with real time relevant information. It is designed to be a fully dynamic, multi-platform and device independent solution.

Helps breeders develop better hybrids – QTLomics combines the power of traditional and Marker Assisted Breeding Programs with Contemporary Cutting Edge Genomic tools to catalyze the hybridization of desirable traits in the crop and bring out the magic of heterosis to help breeders develop the hybrids of the future. Beyond the plants, QTLomics also aims to apply siRNA and metagenomes to control pests, reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Makes and sells smart sensors and software whose purpose is to monitors, tracks and traces a perishable’s condition. Using their technology ‘Freshtime Points’ a perishable’s condition can be monitored, forecasted and budgeted by anyone who handles a perishable—the brand, its transporter, its seller or its user. Enables brands to test, fine-tune, validate and audit the temperature and freshness data collected—so they can confidently use this data in their decision-making. All their technology is patent protected and held by them. Infratab is a privately held company headquartered in Oxnard, CA with office in Bangalore, India. is an online marketplace for agri produce including food grains, spices, and processed food like sugar, jaggery and oils. The company forms farmer groups comprising of farmers and/or farm cooperatives who can list the products. Allows consumers to order products from the portal and schedule a pickup.

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